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KaiZen Innovation ® LLC is a global management consulting firm that specializes in connecting businesses to global opportunities, and helping governments and civil society deploy programs that lead to consumer well being.

We are dedicated to creating business prosperity and shareholder value for our corporate clients and helping them profitably expand to new markets, regionally and globally. We assist government institutions and non-profit institutions develop sustainable solutions and helping improve lives and livelihoods.

Experienced partners lead all engagements.  They develop strategy and policy recommendations along with detailed execution plans and turnkey services. In most engagements our teams will also facilitate business collaborations. We are globally wired and locally connected, and have robust relationships with business and global leaders worldwide. From identifying, vetting and onboarding joint venture or technology partners and distributors to interceding on behalf of clients with governments and regulatory agencies, to developing strategies, priorities, programs and roadmaps our actions help commercial clients establish market leadership, and government and non-government agencies develop and deploy solutions to enhance economic and social development.

Our Beliefs

  1. We live in an interconnected global world. Strategies and initiatives that flow from this realization can be leveraged and sustained.
  2. Efficiency and innovation must coexist for a business or initiative to succeed. One without the other is not sustainable
  3. Social development and profitable business must coexist. Successful economic development strategies stem from market friendly practices that engage diverse stakeholders
Against this framework we provide solutions for client’s challenges that straddle efficiency and growth. Our engagements range from ensuring efficient outcomes to establishing effective organizations and processes, and developing new pathways for growth from new products to serving newer markets. We work closely with client executive teams and customers to help aligning resources with priorities and execute programs successfully.

Our partners are culturally sensitive, locally rooted, globally connected, functionally diverse and experientially rich. They pursue efficient outcomes as the cost of entry into global markets. KaiZen is the relentless pursuit of continuous efficiency. Winning in the global marketplace begins with efficiency, is sustained by innovation, and nurtured by establishing collaborative relationships. This is what our partners strive to do: we call our work KaiZen Innovation®.

Our emphasis is on practical solutions and rapid execution: our teams roll up their sleeves to assist clients execute our recommendations.

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